8S – Fa-La-La-La Lit Sprinkles


FA-LA-LA-LA-LIT Sprinkle Medley is a one of a kind mix of holiday tree-inspired cuteness! This mix features Canadian-made premium crunchy sprinkles in shades of green with a pop of rainbow, adorable shimmer gold star confetti, coordinating candy beads, large colourful sixlets, nonpareils and more. All of the sprinkles in this mix are candy-sweet and yummy on their own.

This sprinkle mix is the perfect way to make any cake, cupcake, chocolate bark, cookie, ice cream sandwich or pretty much anything party-ready. This medley is a festive party in a bottle!

Ingredients: Sugars (icing sugar, sugar, glucose, dextrose), Palm kernel oil, Corn starch, Soya lecithin, Carnauba wax, Tapioca dextrin, Reduced whey protein, Potato starch, Bovine gelatin, Cocoa, Beeswax, Artificial & Natural Colours (Fd&C Red 3, Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Titanium Dioxide, Spirulina Extract, Apple Extract, Lemon Extract, Curcumin). Contains: Milk, Soy. May Contain: Wheat, Eggs, Tree Nuts.

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