All of Us


Charming illustrations of spaces and places on every page combine with narrative of shared emotions and experiences, to encourage young readers to look at the world around them with open and receptive eyes.

Welcome to this touching and meaningful journey of community and inclusion. Each charmingly illustrated and detailed collage page in All of Us offers a scenic example of the common ground that connects us all through spaces and places (a museum, a classroom, a circus, and more). Readers will encounter people of diverse ages and races, while the accompanying narrated text is designed to teach them about shared emotions (love, hope, fear, curiosity, and more) and experiences (playing music together, sharing meals, etc.), serving as a reminder that all of us are part of something bigger.

“It doesn’t matter who we are or where we live,” says the narrator, “we all belong to a larger community. We all have much in common. We all have people, places, and things we love. We all have moments of fear. We all have dreams.”

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