Introduction to Modern Calligraphy: For the Very Beginning Writer


saturday, january 11 • 10:30-12

After third grade most of us knew HOW to write (probably even cursive) but time and typing has sullied our skills. It’s time to shine them up! This two-hour class provides a basic tutorial in formal Copperplate calligraphy (traditional letter forms with dipped pens and nibs). We’ll start at the very beginning with nib and holder knowledge, practice the common strokes & talk tips to apply to your existing hand-writing to make it a bit more special. The joy of hand-lettering is the human-element, the lack of perfection, so this class is perfect for very beginning writers or for someone who wants to start fresh. The promise is that you’ll leave with knowledge &  tools for practice and a tips to apply to your prettying your correspondence and more.

What We’ll Do:

This class is for the very new writer of pointed pen calligraphy or for a person who has been curious to learn. We’ll start at the very beginning learning a little bit about good technique and how to use your nib and holder. We’ll talk about finding the right materials (good materials make all the difference!) and jump right into working with practice exercises and Copperplate alphabet letter forms. By the end of this lesson you’ll come away able to write a favorite quotation as proof of your progress!

Materials: Your enrollment in the class includes all of your materials to take home.

  • 2 Nibs
  • 1 Wooden Holder
  • Black ink
  • Vellum Practice Sheet
  • Alphabet Exemplar
  • Letter Form Practice Sheets
  • Grid Paper

To Keep in Mind:

You may want to be mindful about what you wear as calligraphy can be messy at first.

Pretty handwriting can be a plus in developing your personal style – but the goal of calligraphy is to create uniform letter forms, meaning anyone can do it with enough practice!

Practice is so important to improve your work, I’ll introduce you to everything you need to get started but also highlight a few beautiful online resources that I love to use a reference and inspiration, so you can continue to grow and explore on your own.

Just in Case:

If the date of the class doesn’t work for your schedule, let us know if you’d like to set a date for a private lesson for you and a few friends or as bonding for your team at work. You’re welcome to bring wine and snacks if that’s your style!

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