P8 – Hope is Essential Print


Half empty? Half full? No matter how you see it, hope is essential. Here’s a mantra for when you’re feeling a little parched in life. 11″ x 14″. Vandercook letterpressed, and watercolored* by hand on 100% cotton Cranes 110 lb lettra paper (Pearl White).
* Please note that each print will be slightly different due to being individually hand-painted.

A note from the person responsible for this very website: I own this print! I bought it from (a different) cute stationery store during the pandemic. Or maybe it was before the pandemic? What is time, anyway?! It’s maybe the best print I own. It actually makes me feel hopeful. How? I don’t know, I try not to question these things, I just know it does. Also, I didn’t realize that it’s WATERCOLORED BY HAND until I purchased it for the shop. I love it even more now and I think you’ll love it too.

Made in United States of America

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