PB & Play


Dear Sweet and Lovely YOU!

We invite you to join us in our back room on the 2nd Wednesday of the month for a brown bag lunch (packed with love by us!) and an opportunity to gather and PLAY. We are conjuring the spirit of that little person who we KNOW still exists inside of you who used to collect rocks and watch bugs and read under shade trees and splash in puddles and MAKE things. Such as: messes • stories • masterpieces • friends. Simply for the FUN of the making (without a care or a thought paid to the end result).

Here’s what you can expect
1)  really good company
2)  a brown bag lunch (just like mom used to make!)
3)  a  project that is ALL about the making & doing, rather than the finished product
4)  the opportunity to sneak away for a bit to take a big, deep breath in the middle of your day

We are so excited for this, and hope you can join us from 11:30 ’til 1:00 on:
• April 12th
• May 10th
• and / or June 14th

See you soon!
Arin and Karen
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