Pixie Paste Glitter Glue


Glitter and glam, shimmer and shine. These dot-happy glitter glue colors are simply divine! With glitter glue colors enhanced with mini dot of dazzling glitter, you know anything they touch will become magical. Mini Dots Pixie Paste comes with a brush too!

Mini Dots Pixie Paste Brush-On Glitter Glue is more than just glitter and glue, it’s magic in a jar! This whimsical collection lets you add sparkle to a whole range of projects. From DIY arts & crafts to invites and school projects. The possibilities are endless with this amazing glitter glue.

5 different dotted glittery colors in one pack
1 paintbrush included
Lots of uses – Perfect for crafting, decorating, DIY, school, or painting projects
Suitable for ages 6 and up

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