Shop Owner Love Letter


A Not-So-Secret Secret: Shop Owners LOVE YOU. When you walk into a shop-owner’s space, their hearts expand by at least 150%. During this completely-bananas time, shop-owners all over the land are flipping their signs over to “closed” and wondering how the heck they are going to navigate. IF YOU’VE EVER BEEN LOVED BY A SHOP, NOW IS THE TIME TO SAY THANK YOU! So! Buy those gift cards! Shop their online shop! Leave a positive review! Follow them on their social media outlets and, FOR GOODNESS SAKES, WRITE THEM A LOVE LETTER!

We’ve made it easy! Download our template, write some quick words of affection, put it in an envelope (Shop-Owners don’t care what KIND of envelope — anything will do!) and drop it in the mail.  Bolster those spirits!  Now is the time to let those ladies and gentlemen the world over know just how thankful you are for the beautiful places and spaces they’ve created to meet you in 🙂

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